Hello Pup lovers. I am 12 years old and having a beautiful pair of Husky Pup gifted by father on my 12th Birthday.  I wanted to share my entrance and experience with BarkShop with all the Pup lovers for their ease and reference. From BarkShop you can get anything you want for your Pup by using BarkShop Coupon Code.

The Pups are very friendly and they are become our family members, despite my younger sister don’t like them.  However, they teases with sister, as if they know that she feels irritated, which makes our family laugh on their naughtiness.

They are my best friend and play with me the whole and share my bed in the night.  However, I sometimes I feel that I should give them proper place and environment, so that they can feel more comfortable.

My next door neighbour friend had once told me of the BarkShop for his Dogs and I decided to discuss it with my father about it. My father was very caring and he instantly allow me to visit the BarkShop and order the best choice for our Husky.

I happily visited the BarkShop page and was surpirsed to see the variety of Toys, Treats, Chews and Accessories for your favorite Pup.   It took me a while to select my best out of best, and I short listed the following items for my Pup:


  • Ho ho ho Tennis Balls    
  • Ball Wreath
  • Wilhelm the Walnut
  • The Dog Ness Monster
  • Pupping Iron Dumbbell


  • Ginger Bread Palls Treat                               
  • The Beef Stew Overture
  • The Essential Chicken Jerky
  • PupCorn Tin
  • The Essential Beef Jerky


  • Bacon Benebone                                                            
  • Peanut Butter Pawplexer
  • Deer Antler
  • Mighty Bone Bacon
  • Turkey Sausage Stick


I also selected a Bark Box which looks even more beautiful and attractive that is not presented to any human being shop.

I ordered them with enthusiasm, however, when I saw the bill, I think of my father.   But when I saw the 50% Off Promo Codes Offer, I was keener to get the things as soon as possible. 

The next day, all the things are delivered at my place in a best possible way and I was given enough time to check my order properly.   I was all done in a very smooth way.

When I opened the boxes, my younger sister came to me before my Pups enjoyed their things.  She is anxiously waiting for me to open all boxes and looks very happy.   She not only take interested in all the toys and gifts, but surprisingly she is ready to play with the pups with all the toys.  My parents are also surprised with the reaction of my sister, as this is the first time that she is playing with the Pups.

Thankfully, it all happened because of the BarkShop and my Pups can  enjoy with their toys and chews and I feel also comfortable and I can maintain the living standards of my PUP through the BarkShop.

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