Making Birthdays Special with Marley Spoon Discount Code

Custom Food Boxes are created in an exclusive way so that it will not only be attractive but would also add value to your meal. It’s a tale of my little one’s first birthday when I took the responsibility of everything from decorations till baking the cake. However, Marley Spoon promo codes helped me big time by helping me stay in budget yet get amazing custom made boxes for meal I baked.

So, it all started with my idea of celebrating my second son’s birthday in a gigantic way. Since, on my first son’s birthday, I had to travel to my grandma since she was sick and I just couldn’t celebrate it in way I always wanted to. Therefore, this time I decided that no matter what, I am going to have a big party for all of my relatives and friends and family.

Anyway, everything was pre-planned, the guests were invited, the venue (ordered decorators to decorate my backyard) and in fact cake was ready too, since I was baking it.

I called all the people in the family with their little ones to join the party with me and my son. It was a theme birthday party. I also planned on giving gifts to all who are going to be a part of the birthday, actually to their kids, which they would earn after winning games. The games, I planned on playing.

The gift hampers would carry chocolates, cookies that I bake and a small piece of pastry. Well, the real challenge came when I had no idea what to do with the boxes. I had paper bags but it was not possible to put all the things in a bag since pastry would lose its shape and cookie would turn into little piece scrums. I would not want that. I wanted everything to stay on its place while giving them to the guests.

However, while I was figuring out ways to create boxes for them, I watched several DIY handmade box tutorials, but since we were shot on time, I couldn’t do that.

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While surfing on internet I found this amazing site name and received Marley Spoon discount code with custom made boxes of all shapes and sizes and different colours of OXO packaging including gloss black, pink and brown.

I ordered 50 boxes for the guests and when they arrived they were as original as shown on the website. Moreover, they have got me these amazing discounts which I availed using Marley Spoon up discount codes at On top of that you get free delivery on order above $100. Isn’t it amazing? Well, for me it was.

They birthday went awesome, everyone just loved the concept of custom boxes and giving presents to the guests keeping it in a box. Everyone appreciated my efforts including my husband.