Kiss anime best place to watch Japanese animations!

Many of people are unaware of and don’t know about it, so is even I didn’t knew about it. I loved watching cartoon and used to watch cartoon in my free time. Even I love watching cartoons at this age too. I have watched a lot of cartoons and I can bet that there is not a single cartoon which I haven’t watched.

I am Jack and I am 28 years old. I am watching cartoons especially the old and famous Japanese Animes which were availabe on since my childhood and to be honest I still love watching them. I remember when I was 17 years old I got bored of watching cartoons as I had watched almost all of the cartoons and all of the cartoon series, then I started watching cartoons of other countries. In the beginning I used to watch the cartoons by muting the video as I was unable to understand the conversations and used to make assumptions of the conversions done in the cartoons.

Then one of my friend suggested me to watch those cartoons in dubbed version, as I didn’t knew about it so I looked for it on Google and it was really helpful as I was able to watch cartoons and understand conversations done in cartoons through dubbed versions.

Just by searching and watching the dubbed version cartoons I finished watching almost many of other countries cartoons in just3 or 4 years I guess and then I was getting bored as I had watched almost all the cartoons. Then I started to make young friends and used to ask then about cartoons and used to watch then but it was useless and was of no use as the kids were showed the same cartoons which I used to watch in my childhood. There were only few new cartoons.

Then I shifted to Netflix and started watching cartoon series in it. Netflix has got a good new and rare cartoon collection and has like one of the best cartoons. In their cartoons they have good picture quality plus they have sense able and cartoons with a good story and logic. Any how I ended watching all of their series of all of the cartoons, and then I used to wait for next season of their cartoons. They make new seasons of cartons like at least after a year so I used to wait a year to watch next season of their cartoons.

As I used to get bored while waiting for their new season so I started watching Indian cartoons, it might look funny to you but I really watched Indian cartoons Indian cartoons used to have less logic and in those cartoons the cartoon character used to have extra ordinary super powers and almost all of their cartoons seemed to me illogical but on same time some of their cartoons were logical, as they had tried to convey their culture to their young generation through their cartoons.

Then one day one of my friend told me about kiss anime that there is a streaming website on internet, they have one of the best anime cartoons and anime cartoons serials and they also add many of the movies and videos in anime version.

From that day I am very happy and relaxed as now I done need to search for any Cartoon or anime as Anime also gives suggestions for new and one of the best animated and new cartoons.

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