The Vitamix engine power is estimated in HP! A similar metric vehicles use! A Vitamix blender will slash and pound the sustenance found in dermis and seeds and other unappetizing pieces of food into something smooth and drinkable. Regardless of whether you include pineapple centers, grapes and whole apples (with seeds) or strawberries with tops attached, the smoothie still will have no pieces whatsoever and will be properly blended. It works so quick that when you include rock solid things into the mix, they take no time to liquefy. Truth be told, as you mix, the Solid Objects refreeze themselves, creating ice cream in an instant. Hazardous as it may be, perhaps I shouldn’t have let you know.

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On the opposite finish of the range, the sharp edges turn so quick that Vitamix can truly warm up your food. You can legitimately serve soups directly from the compartment – no compelling reason to warm.

The force and adaptability are what makes Vitamix something other than a blender. It’s a blender, an espresso processor, a grain factory, a frozen yogurt creator, and a juicer.


Vitamix 7500 is an expert arrangement blender with the brush pure completion 64 Oz holder. There are numbers of explanations behind the Vitamix’s claim for the throne; however 7500 holds some utilization for the family kitchen. The intensity of business grade engine flaunts 2.2 pull with 12 amps.


  • Computerized Blending: Five pre-customized settings guarantee basic cleaning, leave accommodation, and steady outcomes for smoothie, solidified pastry, soup, and purée plans.
  • You’re in Control: Variable Speed Control and Pulse let you physically calibrate the surface of any formula. Measurements: 17.5 x 9.4 x 7.7 inches. 
  • Solidified Stainless-Steel Blades:  hardened steel cutting blades are intended to deal with the hardest materials, so from the initial mix to the last, you get a similar quality outcome.


Vitamix 780 is a G-Series cutting edge contact screen blender included with the 64-ounce compartment. In any case, this blender is ideal for superior mixing formula. The most significant thing about this blender is the touchscreen control board. Simple to tap fastens that are just actuated by contact. In this blender, five pre-customized settings guarantee simple cleaning, Worry free and steady outcomes for smoothie, solidified pastry, soup, and puree.


  • Comes Packed with a “Prologue to High Performance Blending” Recipe Cookbook and a Low-Profile Tamper.
  • Touchscreen Control Panel – The LED control board is made of solidified glass to oppose breaks and scratches, and simple tap catches are just actuated by contact, not sprinkles or spills.
  • Computerized Blending with Pre-Programmed Settings – Five pre-modified settings guarantee straightforward cleaning, comfortable and predictable outcomes for smoothie, solidified treat, soup, and puree plans.


Both the aforementioned blenders are amazing as whole and it depends on you which one you prefer over the other because of the specific needs. Both have a 64 oz container and have self-cleaning features.

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